Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
How do we get the necessary information to you?

Below are a few options that we suggest for your office to send in the billing paperwork.

How often should we send the billing information to you?

As often as you could! Depending on the size of your practice, you can set up a schedule for weekly, bi-weekly or daily transmittal.

What information is required in order for your office to generate a claim on our behalf?

Broadly the following Information is required:
In case additional information is required we will get in touch with your office on a case by case basis.

How do we report when a treatment is rendered, so that a claim could be made to the Insurance on our behalf?

We must receive a completed super bill or fee ticket along with the patient information sheet after the treatment is rendered. A completed super bill or fee ticket should definitely contain the following information:
If you are not currently using a fee ticket, we can design a customized one for you.

How do we have to report to you the payments received in our office?

It is critical to your practice that we receive this information as quickly as possible, so that we can post the payments and print the patient statements wherever there is a patient responsibility.

We suggest you prepare a payment batch to include all payments received along with the Explanation of Benefits and Patient Statements. Please send copies of checks that are not accompanied by either of the above.

Some insurance companies such as Medicare and Aetna may make payments directly to your bank account.

How do we report the patient co-payments received in the office?

The patient's co-payment which is usually collected at the time of service & can be indicated on the respective superbill / fee ticket of the particular encounter. Additionally we recommend that you prepare a batch for these payments with copies of checks and credit card payments. We can assist your office in designing these payment batches.

What about other correspondence that we receive from insurance companies and patients?

We strongly recommend that you send all these to us as quickly as possible. This will enable us to follow up denials on a timely basis and make appeals where necessary.

How often will our patients be billed and how do you follow up on patient balances?

We generate statements to patients at the beginning of every month.

We follow up unpaid balances by calling the patient and wherever necessary by sending a polite but firm letter. With your approval, we will offer them payment plans. In the unfortunate situation where none of the above succeeds, we will refer the case to you so that you may decide if you want to assign the account for collection, keep the balance in the patient’s chart for future collection or just write off the balance.

Do we have to collect co-pays at the time of service?
Yes, we highly recommend this. This increases your cash flow and reduces unnecessary mailing costs for statements. This is also a statutory requirement by the Insurance Company’s contract with the patient & also the contract with the provider.

How many clients are you equipped to handle?
We have a very scalable business model in place. Therefore we will consider any practice, regardless of the size and ensure that we will be prepared to deliver all of the customer requirements.

What specialties do you currently handle?
We are a multi-specialty billing office dealing with Cardiology, Nephrology, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Neurology, Physical Therapy & Hand therapy. However based on our past experience in billing professional claims we are confident we can handle any specialty.

How fast can you get us up and running?
For most Private Insurers, we can commence the billing process within a week’s time. However for Medicare and Medi-Cal, you should allow at least to 4-6 weeks to complete the enrollment process. Services rendered during this period will be posted by us but kept on hold. This will enable us to transmit all the claims as soon as the enrollment is approved.

I'm thinking about starting my own practice, can you help me?
Yes, we would be ready to take up the opportunity. Starting a new practice is an exciting experience and often a little daunting task. Our services are designed in such a way that everything from enrollment to designing a fee ticket is taken care of! Therefore it is a complete end to end service that we offer.