After thirty years of practice, I have used in house billing with the latest software, experienced "billers" and outside billing services. Several years ago, SNP was recommended to me by a close associate. I was reluctant to change and inquired as to the company with several other physicians in the area and received excellent references. Still not convinced, I met with Pam and Nat, and was quite impressed with their intelligence, knowledge of billing, warmth and caring personalities. Still with trepidation, I decided to give them a try. Perhaps the best days of my life were the birth of my children, my marriage to my wife, AND my marriage to SNP. They have exceeded my expectations beyond what I dreamed. My office billing overhead dropped, my collections increased, my aggravation and stress dramatically decreased and every single billing problem that comes up including recalcitrant patients, Medicare denials, lost checks, incorrect coding on our part and whatever else are always solved with one phone call or email. They make me feel as though I am their only client, that I am a member of their family, and whenever I go to their office to deliver some extra billing information, everyone always seems to immediately know who I am, they are very friendly and accommodating, and want to make sure that all my billing anxiety is always resolved. Sometimes we ask them to expedite the billing of a patient for a variety of reasons and it is amazing that they do it often in less than one hour. Our office has become very attached to SNP, Nat and Pam. I am frequently besieged with proposals from other billing services but I don't even return their phone calls or open their mail. We are so happy with SNP, that we cannot ever contemplate leaving them, even if another service came along at 50% of their price. They always handle my billing problems and make sure I feel happy and secure, as they seem to care so much about my feelings as well as my income. Pam and Nat are incredible people; compassionate, brilliant, conscientious, and they impart those qualities to all the people who work for them.

Keith Klein, M.D.

We are very happy with the service and results provided by our billing service, SNP Enterprises. There is always someone available who is competent and helpful to answer our questions and those of our patients. The benefits to the practice are enormous. Although we have been using the services of SNP Enterprises for 5 years, we are only sorry we did not find them sooner.

Susan for Jay L. Jordan, M.D., Inc.

SNP Enterprises, Inc. has always given our company the utmost service. Their professionalism in handling our accounts makes us feel like we are in very good hands. Each inquiry is handled quickly and with a comprehensive explanation, and information is frequently brought to our attention that improves the way we do business.

Janis M. Frisch, Ph.D. for David M. Frisch, M.D., A Medical Corporation

I am extremely happy with the services provided by SNP over the last several years for my office and professional medical billing services. They are extremely quick in response, precise in their services with the completion of their responsibilities in the best professional manner. They have taken a big load off of me with their professional and dedicated service with honesty & perfection. I highly recommend their services to my colleagues and my sincere pleasure working with them.

Bijan Nikakhtar, M.D. FACP, FACC, FCCP

I have been working with SNP for the past ten years. I first started with them when I had my own in house billing department and had many problems. When I made the switch they were able to help me collect a large amount of receivables that in my in house messed up. Over the years I find them very reliable and dependable. If there are problems I am able to speak with them and get the problem resolved. I have opened two other companies and SNP does all our billing I would recommend SNP for billing solutions.

Joel Scherr, RPT

I am very appreciative of SNP Billing. The service is efficient and the staff is courteous & responds promptly to my questions.

Stephen T. Copen, M.D.