Custom made for you.
How our customers are more money-making than most? The answer is evident. We completely understand the needs of our Customers & evolve appropriate processes in line with the medical billing industry standards. Constant changes in the U.S. Healthcare Industry makes medical billing a challenging task and only with a strong understanding of the entire billing process, consistent & effective results can be accomplished & delivered. At SNP with a combined experience of over 30 years, we are able to face the challenges posed by the ever changing insurance rules and consistently collect more money for our customers month on month.

In order to ensure success, we at SNP carefully analyze the volume of a practice in terms of the existing payer mix, average monthly charges & receipts, CPT & ICD codes being used & the growth potential available before planning the staff deployment for any given practice.

Our Customers experience Increased Revenue.
Our customers experience improved collections and a substantial reduce in the A/R days. SNP Enterprises, Inc has a fully converged business model in place which will act as a pathfinder for new customers during the transition process. We make it as easy and comfortable as possible for our customers and guide them through the steps with a very conscious mindset of avoiding interruptions in cash flow.